Brewers Connection
The Rogue Recipe Kits Come With Fermentis SAFALE SO-5 Included N/C
1200 Rogue Brutal IPA    
  An Imperial Bitter made with traditional floor-malted barley. Citrusy, stupendous hop aroma. $59.99
1226 Rogue Dead Guy Ale    
  Deep honey in color. Hearty malt aroma with bold hop flavor. $52.99 SOLD OUT
1208 Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale    
  Dark Brown with pronounced hazelnut flavor and a smooth malt finish. $53.99 SOLD OUT
1242 Rogue Shakespeare Stout    
  This stout features a smooth coffee start, followed by chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, with a dark fruit finish. $57.99 SOLD OUT
1203 "Boneyard RPM IPA"    
  RPM IPA, the Northwest wonder, is now available for homebrew as part of the new BREWERY SERIES Recipe Packs. $69.99 SOLD OUT
1202 Dry Irish Stout    
  Light bodied and dry with faint espresso sweetness paired with an intense roasted flavor. $39.99
1207 Pacific NW Pale Ale    
  Hoppy, balanced beer containing Cascade and Citra hops. $44.99 SOLD OUT
1209 Dry Hopped West Coast IPA    
  This IPA has a LOT of hops- not just a higher level of bitterness than a standard pale ale, but much more hop flavor and aroma due to multiple hop additions in this beer including the advanced procedure of “dry-hopping”. Grapefruit/citrus along with slight tropical fruit and pine aromatics are prominent in this popular brew. $55.99
1210 Northlands Nut Brown Ale    
  A nutty, brown ale balanced with bitter hops. $41.99
1211 Heather 'n Honey Deep Brown Ale    
  A dark, brown ale with additions of Scottish Heather tips for flavor and aroma. $72.99
1212 Belgian Wit Bier    
  A pale and hazy brew, it utilizes bitter orange, coriander, and other spices to enhance its flavor. $45.99 SOLD OUT
1213 India Black Ale    
  Sometimes Black IPA, other times Cascadian Dark Ale, this brew has medium body with citrus/floral aroma and flavor. $53.99
1217 Rocky Mountain Amber Ale/Lager    
  A diverse, adaptable brew featuring spicy hops and hint of coffee. $46.99
1220 New Zealand IPA *SEASONAL*    
  New Zealand hops, like US hops, UK hops, or EU hops, have unique characteristics . This IPA is based on an English IPA, so it’s a bit maltier, darker and fuller than typical US IPA’s- and it uses NZ hops throughout- bittering to aroma. Nelson Sauvin, the current “it” hop of the craft beer world, will shine in this beer with its bold hop character. $59.99 SOLD OUT
1221 Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter    
  A stronger than average porter which uses Bourbon-soaked oak, giving it both intense aroma and flavor. $69.99
1222 American Wheat Beer    
  Distinct clean wheat and malt flavor complemented by mellow hop bitterness. $46.99
1228 American Cream Ale    
  A cream ale utilizing a low quantity of Noble hops. $50.99
1230 80 Shilling Scottish Ale    
  A smoky ale showcasing a rich mouth-feel with malty flavors and aromas. $49.99
1232 Apricot Wheat Beer    
  American-style wheat beer utilizing Apricot Puree, as well as Willamette hops. $66.99
1234 Streets of London Porter    
  An English Brown Porter, featuring a red tint and layered flavor. $49.99
1236 Russian Imperial Stout    
  The strongest of stouts, with notes of chocolate and burnt malt. $68.99