Activate the Yeast Pack according to the direction on the back of the package. Put grains into a grain bag or a muslin bag. Heat 2 gallons of filtered water along with Brew Saltz to 162*F.. Turn off heat, add grain bag. (Do Not add grains to water above 165*F.). Let temperature rest down to 122*F..About 25 minutes. Leave pot uncovered during this time, stirring grain bag gently from time to time. Then remove grain bag and let drain into brew pot. Do Not Squeeze Grain Bag! Rinse grains over brew pot by slowly pouring 2 cups of HOT tap water over top of grain bag. Discard grains. With the heat off, add malt extract and stir. Turn on heat and while stirring bring to a boil. Make note of the time the boil starts and add the 2 oz. of the Centennial hops. Make sure your boil is a calm boil, Do Not boil to hard. Boil for 30 minutes and add the 1 oz of the Phoenix hops. Boil for another 20 minutes. Add the 1 oz of the Magnum hops along with the Irish Moss. Boil another 5 minutes, Turn off heat. Gently stir for a few minutes. Cool the wort and add to fermenter on top of 2 gallons of very cold water. HINT: 8 Lbs of good filtered ice = 1 gallon of water. Top off to 5 gallons. After the temperature cools to 80 degrees or cooler, open the yeast package and pour the contents on top of the wort. Ferment 7-10 days at 68* -72*F. You can also go from primary to secondary aroundday 5 and leave in secondary 7 days. The final specific gravity should be 1.010 - 1.012. To bottle, rack into bottling bucket. Heat 12 oz of water and 3/4 cup dextrose in microwave for 2 minutes, then add to bottling bucket. Stir gently but thoroughly. Bottle and cap. Store at room temperature 7 - 10 days, then chill as needed and enjoy.
Written by Alex McClure


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